George Lynch and I, Antonio Harvey, played together for the Los Angeles Lakers and built decade-long careers in the NBA. Even as retired NBA veterans, something keeps pulling us back to the game – not to play, but to pivot and help other players.

Physical fitness and mental toughness can only take you so far. Recovery is the third and final component of an active life, even though it’s not always in the spotlight. We founded LEGENDS CBD to promote natural, alternative solutions, and we want to change the way athletes talk about sports pain.

As professional athletes, we fought through the pain and pushed our bodies to the absolute limit. Shot after shot, drill after drill, step after step; pain was just part of the game. Physicians used to push athletes toward opioids while laws criminalized cannabis alternatives, but now things are finally starting to change.

Nearly 30 years later, George and I have transitioned from friends on the court to cannabis co-founders. LEGENDS CBD is a team effort, led by sports medicine experts, elite trainers, professional athletes, organic growers, and expert chemists. Athlete-grade CBD empowers us to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and be the best versions of ourselves for as long as possible.

We do it for you #EverydayLegends – thanks for your support.

– Antonio Harvey & George Lynch


During training, we optimize every movement and perfect every play.

Why would LEGENDS be any different?

Our athlete-grade CBD supplements are designed by a team that believes we can always do better, and we will.

Antonio Harvey - Founder

Twenty-five years of playing, coaching and broadcasting in the NBA has given Antonio Harvey true insight into what drives some of the world’s greatest athletes. His unique understanding of the athletic mindset has helped shape Legends into a brand that inspires the athlete in us all.

George Lynch - Co-Founder

NBA veteran and NCAA Champion, George spent 12 years in the NBA and was the first rookie since Magic Johnson to score 30 points in a game. In 2017 George Founded HBCU Heroes to provide the tools needed for athletes to develop skill and tools to achieve a lifetime of success. He is a proud UNC-Chapel Hill Alum.

Tony Bash - Co-Founder

A successful career of creating brands and products for new and existing companies has made Tony an internationally recognized marketing expert. His knowledge of staffing, business development and multi-million dollar fundraising provide a winning game plan to the Legends team.

Charlie Harrell -  Co-Founder

Charles Harrell comes to Legends with nearly 20 years of legal expertise. His career of advising businesses of all sizes, from small and family owned businesses to multi-state and multi- national corporations, on all legal aspects of operations guides our team on a proven track for success.

Jay Jensen - Co-Founder 

Jay brings 30+ years of medical expertise, as a certified athletic trainer in collete sports, the NFL, and the NBA.  Jay believes in the power of cannabis for pain management and sees it as a natural alternative to the devastating effects of opioids.